Transportation Loss Prevention and Security Association







Many years ago, the American Trucking Association (ATA) established the National Freight Claim Council to serve the claims/loss prevention personnel working within the trucking industry. Over time, the name was changed to the Transportation Loss Prevention and Security Council (TLP&SC) as a council working under the auspices of the AT A. The main focus of the Council remained the motor carrier industry.


The Council had an Executive Director who was employed by A T A and this Executive Director ran the day-to-day operations of the Council. Executives from the motor carrier industry and members of the legal community served on the Board of Directors.


In 2000, many changes were taking place at ATA and in 2000 ATA decided to disband the TLP&SC as a council within ATA and move the Council into the ATA Safety Council. The Board of the then TLP&SC felt that this was not the place for the Claims, Loss Prevention and Security people to be and that this important function for both carriers and shippers would be lost within the scope of the much larger issues facing the Safety Council. These larger issues dealt with hours of service, Hazardous Materials, the truck rodeo, accident investigation, etc. It was at this time that the Board of Directors of the TLP &SC decided to create an independent Association, separate from A T A and in 2000 created the Transportation Loss Prevention and Security Association (TLP&SA). At that time, all but one of the original Board members elected to go with the new Association.


Since 2001 the TLP &SA held their annual educational conference jointly with the shipper group, Transportation Consumer Protection Council (TCPC). Each conference resulted in a great educational conference and a chance for both groups to network and share ideas relative to Claim Handling, Claim Prevention and Security issues.


TLP &SA is open to all persons who have an interest in Loss and Damage Claims and with Security issues. These persons can be affiliated with carriers, shippers, vendors, law enforcement, attorneys, insurance carriers, third-party logistics, etc. There is an annual "one dues" structure for all and anyone involved in these areas is welcome to become a member.


If you are in any way involved with loss and damage claims and/or security, you belong in TLP&SA. An application form is contained on this web site and we look forward to your membership.


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